Social Impact is a consequence of positive
and significant changes that happens of
policy by an organization, government, or
private sector to deliver frame-breaking
solutions to some of the most complex
problem in contemporary society so as to
achieve social welfare.
People, Planet, & Profit as the key factor of sustainable
development needs to take into account as strategic alliance
to build a better Indonesia. These three elements become a
prerequisite for achieving sustainable business development in Indonesia.
These three components need to be in good management by cause of it has an impact on balance of social responsibility. This is the basis for Maxima to contribute social change.
We believe that everyone needs to be included
to build a better life for all. Maxima encourages
the creation of public private partnership
through strategic alliance where the community
becomes the subject for development that
acquires benefits from both public sector and
private sector.
Everyone has
a stake in live
a better life…
Maxima believes those factors are the
highlight of urgency to work jointly.
Maxima works to join forces the social
impact spaces to accelerate growth and
the success of larger of social
As Social Impact Agency, our vision is to emerge a better Indonesia through social change. Our mission is to join forces in the company of various stakeholders against social challenges.
To achieve the mission, Maxima offers various forms of service:
research & consultation, communication, and activity program. We offered strategic collaboration with skilled human resources in various areas of expertise and supporting tools, creating sustainable social
A strategic collaboration with skilled human resources in various areas of
expertise and supporting tools to creating sustainable social impact.
1. Research & Consultation
Service Research and Consultancy activities that
focus on social impact. There are:
1. Social Mapping
2. Culture & Values Program
3. Environmental Impact Assessment
4. Program Assessment
5. Policy Evaluation
6. Market Research & Brand Evaluation
2. Communication
Activate various activity to improve social impact and
positive image of the organization. Some of activities
carried out include:
1. Social Media Management
2. Customer Engagement Program
3. Socialization and Product or Program Communication
3. Activation Program
A service to create an impactful program. The
types of programs offered are:
• Community Empowerment
• Creative Event Management
• Capacity Building of Human Resources
and Organization
Nationwide Coverage
We are ready to help you from all over
Indonesia. We have representatives in
10 cities in Indonesia.
Comprehensive Services
Maxima provides a thorough helping hand
and comprehensive guidelines.
Multidisciplinary Collaboration
Maxima provides the services that are
managed by qualified and reputable
professionals from diverse background
and skills.