Strategic Implementation

Driving contributions to the community through strategic impact programs aimed at addressing community challenges.

An efficient end-to-end scholarship management solution which connects scholarship providers and recipients, maximizing the impact and effectiveness of scholarship programs.


Fostering companies to optimize their scholarship programs through our comprehensive services, which include program design, recruitment, selection, coaching, as well as the implementation of effective and scalable measurement and reporting instruments.

Facilitating connections between companies and public institutions, and the general public through community activation and policy dissemination to broaden reach and amplify impact.


Expanding reach and cultivating potential customers by introducing the organization and its policies, as well as fostering brand awareness, through educational programs tailored to target communities.

Developing community members to become facilitators, aligning with the required issues and topics.


Supporting organizations in cultivating community groups to serve as facilitators, advocates, and educators on issues and topics which align with public interests.

Creating a community-based SMEs training center aimed at improving business, marketing, and financial inclusion skills through workshops, mentoring, peer learning, and consulting services.


Assisting corporations in activating programs which foster sustainable SMEs growth through practical learning approaches and regular guidance from mentors and experts.

Providing end-to-end solutions for companies to address the environmental impacts of extractive activities and enhance the condition of surrounding natural resources.


Supporting corporations in planning, implementing and measuring the impact of programs to create sustainable initiatives in extractive activity zones.

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Our Expert

Muhammad Taufik Ramadhan

Impact Project Management, Strategic Advisory, Personal Development Trainers

Ivan Ahda

Corporate Culture & Change Management, Strategic Advisory, Sustainability & Social Change

Angesty Putri

Learning Development for Scholars, Personal Development Trainers


Muthiah Nurul Izzati

Training Facilitator

Ulfiyah Nanda Firman

Training Facilitator

Shoraya Annisa

Training Facilitator

Tasyah Istitika

Community Management, Impact Implementation

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