Weaving the Dreams of West Sumbawa Regency’s Youth through the AMMAN Scholars Leadership Camp

Weaving the Dreams of West Sumbawa Regency’s Youth through the AMMAN Scholars Leadership Camp 2560 1440 Maxima


Weaving the Dreams of West Sumbawa Regency’s Youth through the AMMAN Scholars Leadership Camp

10 Mei 2024| by Maxima

AMMAN Mineral and Maxima Impact Agency have launched the AMMAN Scholars Leadership Camp (ASLC) program in Jepara for the youth of West Sumbawa Regency. This program, running from November 2023 to the end of 2024, aims to enhance the competencies and competitiveness of the younger generation through mentoring sessions and Game-Based Learning. Participants are encouraged to develop their potential and mental resilience, with facilitators guiding them throughout the program to ensure they are prepared to face future challenges.

In an effort to develop competent and competitive young generations, AMMAN Mineral, in collaboration with Maxima Impact Agency, has initiated the AMMAN Scholars Leadership Camp (ASLC). This program is designed to provide a year-long self-development mentorship for children in West Sumbawa Regency (KSB), enabling them to pursue vocational education at selected vocational schools (SMK) in Kudus, Ponorogo, and Malang Regency.

As AMMAN Mineral’s investment in preparing youth for globalization, Maxima takes a progressive step through ASLC. This program is not merely a scholarship but a transformative platform for its beneficiaries. Participants are encouraged to explore their dreams and formulate strategies to achieve them, equipping them to become individuals who are not only competent and accomplished but also adaptive, resilient, self-motivated, and possess high self-efficacy.

One of the interesting approaches in the ASLC program is the Game-Based Learning sessions aimed at enhancing participants’ motivation and self-efficacy. Held in Jepara on March 6-7, 2024, ASLC activities encourage participants to face limitations with a positive attitude and view every difficulty as an opportunity. This approach not only strengthens the mental mechanisms of West Sumbawa Regency’s children in facing challenges but also facilitates the recognition and development of each participant’s potential.

ASLC Project Manager Salmaa Ramadhani emphasized how ASLC addresses the dynamic challenges faced by participants during the Game-Based Learning sessions. “Through games, we equip them not only to become accustomed to taking risks and strategizing but also to understand the importance of mental resilience and adaptation,” she explained.

Since the ASLC program started in November 2023, participants have received monthly facilitation sessions. The development of participants’ character and manners is evident from their disciplined and motivated engagement in activities. Facilitation sessions are not limited to the current ASLC implementation but also serve as mentors, friends, and companions, supporting the participants not only in academic achievements but also in navigating daily life. “Our facilitators are the closest figures to the children of West Sumbawa Regency. They accompany these children from the beginning to the end of the ASLC program, which concludes at the end of 2024. Facilitators ensure that each child not only succeeds in the program but is also ready to face the world,” added Salmaa.

The inspiring story from West Sumbawa Regency is tangible proof of the importance of education and character building for the younger generation. Through programs like ASLC, the hope of seeing more competitive young Indonesians on the global stage becomes increasingly possible.