Ivan Ahda Says Scholarships Must Have an Impact on Indonesia’s Sustainability

Ivan Ahda Says Scholarships Must Have an Impact on Indonesia’s Sustainability 1600 1200 Maxima


Ivan Ahda Says Scholarships Must Have an Impact on Indonesia’s Sustainability

10 Mei 2024| by Maxima

Maxima Impact Consulting attended the Indonesian Scholarship Forum (FBI) Congress to discuss strategies for improving the quality and access to education in Indonesia. CEO Ivan Ahda emphasized the importance of collaboration, alumni network consolidation, and knowledge management in managing scholarships for sustainable impact. The FBI gathered various stakeholders, including education experts and institutional leaders, to enhance the effectiveness of scholarship programs in Indonesia.

In an effort to enhance impact initiatives through improved quality and access to education in Indonesia, Maxima Impact Consulting attended the Indonesian Scholarship Forum (FBI) Congress for Halalbihalal at Wisma Mandiri, Jakarta, on Friday (May 3). This event served as an important meeting point for all stakeholders to build the Indonesian scholarship ecosystem, aiming to discuss and enhance the capacity of scholarship management in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Scholarship Forum (FBI) is an initiative that supports capacity building, idea exchange, and strategies for human resource development in Indonesia through scholarships. It not only serves as an association for scholarship providers but also as a gathering for policymakers, donors, implementers, alumni organizations, and beneficiaries from various sectors, including central and local governments, international institutions, corporations, as well as foundations and communities in Indonesia. As an independent organization, FBI aims to create synergy and collaboration among all stakeholders to develop inclusive and equitable education across the country.

As one of the founders of the Indonesian Scholarship Forum, Ivan Ahda, CEO of Maxima Impact Consulting, served as the moderator for the Sharing and Dialogue Forum session themed “The Future of Scholarship Management in Indonesia.” The session was attended by several key figures and experts in education and scholarship development, including:

  • Wignyo Adiyoso, S.Sos., MA., Ph.D – Head of Pusbindiklatren Bappenas RI
  • Agam Bayu Suryanto, SE, MBA – Head of Cooperation and Scholarship Development Division LPDP
  • Prof. Muhammad Jafar Hafsah – Deputy Chairman of ICMI
  • Prof. Dr. H. Fasli Djalal, Sp.GK., Ph.D – a prominent education figure in Indonesia
  • M. Arifin Purwakananta – Deputy 1 Baznas RI
  • Dr. Rusdi Musa Ishak – Director of Empowerment & Education BSI Maslahat
  • Salman Subakat – CEO of NSEI Part of Paragon Corp
  • Ferro Ferizka – Executive Director of Pijar Foundation

The discussion highlighted the importance of inter-agency collaboration in managing scholarship programs and innovative strategies to maximize the impact of scholarships on human resource development in Indonesia. Summarizing the Sharing and Dialogue Forum session, Ivan Ahda noted three key points for FBI’s future development to create more strategic steps, including; 1) Program mapping, 2) Consolidation of alumni networks, 3) Knowledge management and data analysis. “These three points are crucial for FBI. One of them is organizing knowledge management by analyzing data from scholarship programs to provide policy or regulatory recommendations related to scholarship programs,” said Ivan Ahda, concluding the Sharing and Dialogue Forum session.

Through its participation in the Indonesian Scholarship Forum, Maxima Impact Consulting hopes to continue contributing to the development of more effective scholarship strategies in Indonesia. “We are committed to collaborating with all stakeholders to ensure that scholarship programs in Indonesia not only reach more students in need but are also managed in a way that provides the widest and most sustainable impact,” said Ivan Ahda, CEO of Maxima Impact Consulting.

The Indonesian Scholarship Forum has laid a strong foundation for initiating collaboration in the education sector. Maxima Impact Consulting is optimistic that being part of the FBI congress will create more impactful and inclusive educational transformation for Indonesia.

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