Inovasia Scholarship: A Dynamic Incubator for Creating Social Innovators!

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Inovasia Scholarship: A Dynamic Incubator for Creating Social Innovators!

10 Mei 2024| by Maxima

Initiated by Salman Subakat and managed by the Nurhayati Subakat Entrepreneurship Institute (NSEI), the Inovasia Scholarship aims to create social innovators by combining innovation and ethics. The scholarship recipients, called Inovasia Heroes, participate in exclusive classes and mentoring sessions for two months with various renowned speakers. The program seeks the top 10 Inovasia Heroes, who have the opportunity to receive funding for their social innovation projects. On “Pitching & Graduation Day,” three Social Innovators Grant Awardees are selected to receive funding to implement their innovation projects in their respective locations. Inovasia aims to create an ecosystem of Social Innovators who collaborate to develop ethical innovations that positively impact Indonesian society.

Serving as a platform for Social Innovators in Indonesia, the Inovasia Scholarship is an initiative by Salman Subakat, managed by the Nurhayati Subakat Entrepreneurship Institute (NSEI), aimed at creating a dynamic incubator that combines two values: innovation and ethics to cultivate social innovators.

“As social innovators, we need to understand how innovation aligns with ethics, meaning creating human-centered innovation so that social innovators move with a vision beyond just business, accelerating impact through #BeyondBusiness,” explained Salman Subakat, CEO of Nurhayati Subakat Entrepreneurship Institute (NSEI) part of Paragon Corp.

The recipients of the Inovasia Scholarship (hereafter referred to as Inovasia Heroes) receive exclusive classes and group mentoring for two months in a hybrid format. The curriculum encourages Inovasia Heroes to rediscover their purpose before becoming social innovators. The learning process involves renowned speakers, including the initiator of the Inovasia Scholarship, Salman Subakat, CEO of NSEI part of Paragon Corp; Hendro Fujiono, Global DISC Master Trainer ICQ Global UK; Agung Utama, Chief Strategy Officer, NSEI Paragon Corp; Andyhta F. Utami, CEO of Think Policy; Dr. Dwi Indra Purnomo, Founder of The Local Enablers; and Tia M. Reza, Head of Program Advisor at Maxima Indonesia.

“We bring in experienced speakers in their respective fields as our dedication to nurturing Inovasia Heroes. The output of Inovasia is to find the top 10 out of 100 Inovasia Heroes who have the opportunity to become the best participants and among them, receive project funding for the top 3 Social Innovators,” explained Fathur Sihab, Project Manager of Inovasia.

Additionally, positive feedback has come from the Inovasia Heroes, who were surprised by the facilities provided and impressed with the concept of the Inovasia acceleration space. “Thank you, Inovasia, for being this networking bridge. I didn’t realize there were so many people who share the same values as me. I thought the decision to become a social innovator was rare, especially when I am already working but still want to spend time in this world (social innovators) and learn directly from the experts. It turns out I got this networking bonus,” said one of the Inovasia participants.

As the concluding event of the Inovasia series, on March 2-3, 2024, Inovasia held “Pitching & Graduation Day,” where all participants were invited to present their Social Innovation Ideas. The top 10 Inovasia Heroes competed to determine the 3 winners of the Social Innovators Grant Awardees:

  1. Gusti Mohammad Hamdan Firmanta
    Innovation Project: Yatim Design Academy
  2. Hardiat Dani Satrialbani
    Innovation Project: Portal Green Jobs Indonesia
  3. Parid Adillah Albani
    Innovation Project: Youth Learning Space

These three Social Innovators Grant Awardees received funding to implement their Innovation Projects in their respective locations. This funding is a commitment of the Inovasia Scholarship to continually nurture prospective social innovators, realized through the Innovation Projects conducted by Inovasia Heroes, embodying the values of Inovasia.

“In the future, Mr. Salman Subakat aims to create a Social Innovator ecosystem, connecting all Inovasia Heroes to collaborate and create various ethical innovations that impact every layer of Indonesian society,” concluded Fathur Sihab.

Inovasia is a collaboration between Maxima Impact Consulting, Thinkhalf, and NSEI part of Paragon Corp. Want to be part of the Inovasia Heroes? Stay tuned for more information on the Maxima Impact Consulting website!