Enhancing CSR Monitoring Effectiveness, BUMA Partners with Maxima for Impact Measurement Training

Enhancing CSR Monitoring Effectiveness, BUMA Partners with Maxima for Impact Measurement Training 3104 1830 Maxima


Enhancing CSR Monitoring Effectiveness, BUMA Partners with Maxima for Impact Measurement Training

10 Mei 2024| by Maxima

BUMA partners with Maxima Impact Consulting to enhance the effectiveness of CSR monitoring through Impact Measurement Training. This program equips the BUMA team with skills to measure the social impact of CSR programs using methodologies such as Theory of Change and Social Return on Investment (SROI). The interactive training helps participants apply theory in practice, increasing the capacity and effectiveness of BUMA’s CSR programs for sustainability and maximum positive impact.

Not just an Obligation: Transforming CSR into Strategic Strength for Sustainability and Positive Social Impact. Understanding the importance of implementing and evaluating effective CSR programs, PT Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama (BUMA) invited Maxima Impact Consulting to enhance the capacity of BUMA’s CSR implementation and effectiveness measurement in the field through Impact Measurement Training.

Recognizing the need for a systematic and measurable approach in implementing CSR activities, Maxima presented Anggi Gayatri, Head of Impact Measurement at Maxima Impact Consulting, to ensure that each initiative not only meets corporate targets but also maximizes the positive impact on beneficiaries and communities. “This training aims to equip the external relations team of PT BUMA with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and measure the social impact of the programs they run,” said Anggi Gayatri, explaining the foundation of the Impact Measurement Training for BUMA, held on April 29-30.

The training began with a basic understanding of what ‘social impact’ is and how the measurement process can help determine the effectiveness of CSR interventions. Participants were taught various methodologies that can be used to measure impact, including the utilization of the Theory of Change, which underpins each intervention strategy. “This theory serves as the main foundation in CSR implementation to determine how and why an activity is expected to produce certain outcomes,” emphasized Anggi.

In addition to the Theory of Change, the training also explored other methods such as Social Return on Investment (SROI). This method specifically helps program implementers calculate the financial value of the social impact generated, providing a more quantitative perspective in assessing the success of CSR programs.

To ensure that the theory can be practically applied, interactive sessions were a key part of the training. According to Anggi, through the simulation of theory implementation, participants had the opportunity to apply the concepts they had learned through case studies. “Through case studies, participants indirectly gain experience in implementing measurement and impact reports,” she explained.

This Impact Measurement Training not only enhances individual capacity in running CSR programs but also brings broader transformation for the company to achieve sustainability. Anggi emphasized that this program is part of continuous efforts to integrate best practices in CSR and ensure that every initiative has a maximum positive impact.

On the other hand, one of the participants acknowledged that the material provided in the Impact Academy was very relevant to BUMA’s CSR needs. “Overall, the material presented was done interactively, so we as participants found it quite easy to understand, and the facilitator always related each theory to the activities we are currently undertaking,” they explained.

BUMA’s initiative to evaluate its CSR programs marks a new chapter in formulating future CSR strategies. The Impact Measurement Training serves as a capacity development platform as well as a powerful tool in realizing CSR programs that can achieve the company’s maximum potential. Through this collaboration, BUMA has indirectly embarked on a new step towards sustainable business, starting by upholding the implementation of more impactful programs.

“Maxima believes that one of the main steps to creating a sustainable business is for companies to believe that their success is not only measured by financials but also by their substantial contributions to society and the environment,” concluded Anggi, closing the Impact Measurement Training.

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